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Ignoramusky & Chill

Ignoramusky’s Youtube channel has some of the best kitteh videos anywhere on ‘da interwebs.

The following video is one of my personal favorites. I had an insanely busy week, so this weekend, I plan to be this cat for as long as possible… complete with the squeetastic widdle kitty feeties. ^_^


Happy Caturday =^_^=


A Penguin Named Bowie

In honor of rock legend David Bowie’s 69th birthday and just two days before his death, the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio named its newly hatched penguin “Bowie.”

Bowie the Penguin was the first birth of 2016 at the zoo. They solicited names on Facebook with “Bowie” and “Elvis” the most popular suggestions since the day was lso Elvis Presley’s birthday. The penguin keepers chose the name Bowie because the zoo already had a king penguin named Elvis.

Bowie is one of the zoo’s 33 members of a species known as little, blue, or fairy penguins, which are the world’s smallest penguin species and live in Australia and New Zealand. The Cincinnati Zoo’s colony of little penguins is the largest in the United States.

Little penguins prefer milder temperatures so visitors are not likely to see Bowie and the rest of the colony until spring… but the Groundhog said Spring was coming soon so…


Happy Flyday ~^v^~


Abandoned Baby White Rhino Gets New Dad & New Name

A South African ranger, named Divan Grobler, became a surrogate dad to a baby white rhino bull after he was abandoned by his mum as a new-born as New Years Eve. Now 1.5 months old, the rhino lives with the team at Aquila Rescue Centre in Western Cape, South Africa. They have developed an 18-month plan to reintroduce him into the wild.

As of 45 minutes ago, this baby rhino has officially been named by the public! A sms competition was held where members of the public were able to suggest names. A short list of six names were selected and the public was asked to vote for their favorite. The favorite name, “Osita”, is of Nigerian (Igbo) origin and means “from today onwards it will be better”. And it certainly is for this little fellow.

Looking after the young calf is a full-time occupation, with the baby needing to be fed every two hours. He now weighs over 220lbs and drinks over 20 liters of Equine milk formula every day at 3 hourly feeds.  He is strong, boisterous, mischievous and inquisitive and in the words of his caretaker, “he walks to the beat of his own drum”.
The rhino goes on two hour walks in the afternoon and shorter walks during the mornings. Guests visiting Aquila are taken by Osita’s home, and if not sleeping, can be seen enjoying a mud bath, feeding, or pushing his “dad” around. Thanks to Barcroft TV for this wonderful video.


Happy Humpday (^_^)


The Babysitting Chicken

When a hen is broody, that means she wants to hatch eggs and raise chicks, and a broody hen will sit on just about anything.

This broody hen lives with a clever farm cat who knew she could leave her young kittens with the chicken, and they’d be well-taken care of and sat upon, while she went out for a hunt.

Imagine the farmer’s surprise! Thank-you Daeta Robinson for the fantastic footage.


Happy Flyday ~^v^~


Rehabilitating Scottish Otter Cubs

Due to record-breaking rainfall and flooding in Scotland this Winter, 21 otter cubs are being cared for by a dedicated team at the Scottish National Wildlife Rescue Center.


It may be surprising that an otter could be badly affected by rain and flooding, but the young aren’t very agile, and can get washed away from their family dens during floods.


The Scottish National Wildlife Rescue Center will care for them until they can be released back into the wild when the floods have subsided.

Thank-you for all your hard work and dedication!


Here’a an adorable clip of the BBC video on these orphaned otters (thanks to Youtube user Kyle P.)



To watch the entire 4 minute BBC video, click here.


Happy Ottersday :#)