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Ode to a Pocket Monkey

O Pygmy Marmoset,
O Pocket Monkey,
Your face full of fluff
cannot hide your sweet smile,
as I anthropomorphisize you
and aggrandize your small stuff.


Your cute little paws,
All I hear are d’awws,
I drown in your big eyes of black.
What do you see,
my pocket monkey?
Don’t worry ’cause I’ve got your back.















Happy Monkday :_)

Father-Daughter Day, with Lions

Today is my birthday.  Yesterday was Father’s Day.  Every year I can remember, my birthday fell right around Father’s Day, so my dad and I would make it a point of having a Father-Daughter Day.  We’d attend a museum, the zoo, or hike in the Hollywood Hills, go out and eat great food, and generally have an awesome time.

The zoo, of course, was my favorite destination.  Given the time of year, we’d talk about the great dads of the animal kingdom, and arrived at the lion, as the proudest papa in the Savannah.

Lions in prides share a strong social bond with each other.  Father lions make important contributions to the raising of their cubs. They protect their families from danger, like from strange lions, and also catch large prey from which the whole pride can feed.  Cubs are fascinated by their fathers, often approaching them and trying to play.  When dad plays, he teaches the cubs fighting skills in the process.  


So, Dad, thanks for protecting me, for catching large prey I could eat, and for teaching me important fighting skills, you old lion, you.

Politics & Animals

The US Presidential Debate is happening right now, at my Alma Mater, the University of Denver.  It’s been a hot topic all week here in Denver, and we Denverites couldn’t be prouder to host such a prestigious event.

So, here’s an old-timey picture of a donkey and a elephant.  Enjoy.

…. go donkeys ;-)