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Penguins Return to the Sea









“Seven weeks ago, a cargo ship ran aground off the coast of New Zealand, spilling oil which resulted in the worst maritime environmental disaster in the nation’s history. Among the victims were dozens of little penguins which washed ashore blackened by oil and near death. Fortunately wildlife rescuers were on hand to help them, meticulously scrubbing clean their feathery coats and nursing them back to health with devotion befitting of such beloved birds. But now, after nearly two months on the mend and before hundreds of eager spectators, 49 little penguins finally made their way delightedly back to sea.”




One Special Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Here’s a story about a very special turkey…

“The Thanksgiving turkey officially pardoned by President Obama on Wednesday morning isn’t your run-of- the-mill bird. It’s actually been bred specifically for the purpose.”

“They were talking to them, they were playing music, they were making noise, they had some flash bulbs, bright lights. Just to help prepare them, get them ready for the ceremony that’s going to happen tomorrow at the White House.”

“The turkey and its alternate, said Olson, are the “cream of the crop” chosen for their attractive feathering, muscling, red and blue head coloring and a healthy fanning of feathers when they strut.”