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New Pandas for Edinburgh Zoo

Follow the link to watch a wonderful new BBC video of two new giant pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guang, journeying from China to their new home at the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland, where zoo keepers hope to breed the pair.


Lesley MacNiven, 40, from Edinburgh, took her two young daughters to see the pandas.  She said, “The enclosure looks fantastic. The panda looks quite at home there and not bothered about the visitors, which is lovely to see.”



Nighttime is Playtime for Otters

You might find that nighttime is the right time for sleeping, but nighttime is otter-time for playful snowy sledding!

One lucky nature-watcher, named Sadie Stevens, captured this footage of frolicking river otters with an infrared camera, one night on the snowy banks of Pennsylvania.

The Fossa!

Have you heard of a fossa before?  It’s a small carnivore that only lives on the island of Madagascar.















In fact, you may remember the fossa from the animated movie “Madagascar,” as they are the beasts that the lemurs are all afraid of, with good reason too, for even in real life, the lemur is actually the fossa’s favorite food.





















Here in the States, the Houston Zoo has successfully bred the fossa, leading to a healthy litter of three adorable little girls.

Baby Otter Bath Time

At the Longleat Safari Park, west of London in the United Kingdom, it’s bath time for these two adorable baby otters.  This time is especially important for these otters, because bath time is also learn how to swim time.