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Roller Rabbit

For Bunday today, here’s a heart-warming story of a 4-year-old rabbit named Ethel, who lives in North Wales (in The United Kingdom).  Her back legs unfortunately became paralysed, so her owner acquired a custom rabbit wheelchair that fits Ethel perfectly.  The device allows Ethel to still be mobile, and live a normal bunny life… just with less hopping and more rolling. :-)


Swims With Polar Bears


Mark Dumas, a grizzly man from Abbotsford, Canada, is apparently the first man in the world who can touch and swim with, a polar bear.  This feat, and his relationship with the bear is especially captivating, considering the polar bear is one of the only animals which actively hunt human.

Honestly, part of me feels like this is a recipe for disaster…. but kudos for courage!


Meet the Star of Otter 501


This little southern sea otter pup is the new star of feature film documentary, Otter 501, which is set to premier in May.

She was rescued off the coast of California, and brought to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to be rehabilitated.  The goal is that someday she’ll be released back into the wild.