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New Polar Bear Cub for Germany

At the Wuppertal Zoo, in Wuppertal, Germany, a new polar bear cub was born in January, and named Anori.  She’s now old enough to go out on exhibit with her mother, Vilma, and she looks utterly adorable doing it. ^_^


Anori also has the same father as Knut, the other famous polar bear from Germany.

Kicking Off Memorial Weekend With a Drunk, a Zebra, and a Parrot

Today is Friday, and so starts Memorial Day Weekend 2012.  Many people like to celebrate their three-day weekends with drinking, which is fine in moderation, just don’t be like this guy:

Jerald Reiter, from Cascade, Iowa, was stopped by police following reports that animals were trapped in a vehicle parked at a local business. By the time Officer Chad Leitzen of the Dubuque, Iowa police arrived on the scene, the owner of the car was there and clearly intoxicated. (Probably not surprising, as he was coming out of a bar.) The real surprise was that the man had a zebra in the cabin of his pickup truck and a parrot on his shoulder. The police report stated, “I observed a zebra in the back seat of the vehicle and a parrot on the driver’s shoulder.”  The officer conducted a breathalyzer test on Reiter, who flunked spectacularly with a blood alcohol content of .148, well over the .08 state limit.

Reiter’s girlfriend, Vickey Teters, told reporters that the zebra and parrot are their pets.

So, if you’re going to go out tonight, be smart, drink responsibly, and leave the zebra at home. :-D

Rat Takes a Bath

Many people think of rats as being dirty vermin, but rats can make for fantastic pets- especially the ones who enjoy water and getting clean, like this one!


All this rat needs is some soap and water, and she’ll happily give herself a bath.