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New Macaque Species Discovered

Scientists have discovered a previously unknown monkey species in the mountains of India. Christened the Arunachal monkey after the region in which it was found, it is the first new species of macaque identified since 1903.









Researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Nature Conservation Foundation spotted and photographed the monkeys, known as Macaca munzala (“deep-forest monkey” in the language of the local people), on a series of expeditions.  This new species comes from a biologically rich area that is perhaps India’s last unknown frontier.  The discovery of a new species of monkey is quite rare, but it is also remarkable that with over a billion people and retreating wildlands, a new large mammal species would never be found in India, until now.

The creatures are relatively large, but have shorter tails than other primates of their size. In addition, living between 1,600 and 3,500 meters above sea level makes them one of the highest-altitude primates in the world.


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Olympic Ottersday




















Chester Zoo, in the United Kingdom, recently welcomed two baby Asian Small-clawed Otters to its community. The pups have been appropriately named ‘Daley’, after U.K. Olympian diver Tom Daley, and ‘Rebecca’, in honor of Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington.















Asian Small-clawed Otters are the world’s smallest Otter species. Their specially designed front paws help them capture and devour their favorite aquatic treats, like Crabs and Molluscs. They are listed as vulnerable to extinction, because of threats like pollution, habitat destruction, and hunting.















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The Golden Monkey with the Blue Face

Have you ever seen or heard of the golden snub-nosed monkey?  They live in China and are extremely endangered.  They have a beautiful gold coat, and a bright blue face.  Unfortunately, it’s their striking markings that led to their popularity with poachers.

Recently, a photographer trekking across China’s more natural areas, was able to snap this beautiful picture of the golden snub-nosed monkey.  Hopefully, this means that conservation efforts in China are having an positive impact for the gorgeous primate species.


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Otter 501 Eats a Crab


After months of help from caretakers and her surrogate otter mother, Otter 501 has developed the skills to eat a live crab on her belly. This is a critical step – once she’s returned to the wild she’ll have to find foods like this on her own.

The feature-length film Otter 501, a documentary of this otter’s real life, opened in theaters this Spring. Visit the Otter 501 facebook events page to see where you can see it:
Or visit the website to book a screening: