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A New Rabbit Paradise

The Musquash Conservation Area, located in Londonderry, New Hampshire, is set to become a new protected habitat, ideal for the endangered New England cottontail rabbit.












Often confused with the more common Eastern cottontail, a non-native species brought here by settlers in the early 1900s for the purpose of hunting, the native New England cottontail has poor eyesight and is more vulnerable to predators.

In recent decades, the state’s native rabbit range has declined around 85 percent, mainly due to development of wild lands and the maturation of existing forests.

Unlike their more adaptable (and more common) cousins, New England cottontails don’t like living on golf courses, lawns or active farmlands since they lack the dense brush needed for hiding.

In order to create a successful bunny habitat, the Conservation Commission would need to work with a forester to achieve those conservation goals, which would include clearing taller trees to create shrub lands, to build the ultimate rabbit paradise.

Happy Bunday.

Tiger Cubs for Columbus Zoo


The Columbus Zoo has welcome a new litter of cute and floofy Amur tiger cubs to their community.  This is wonderful news, especially considering that a tiger hasn’t bred successfully in this zoo since 1990.

This video doesn’t have sound, but what it lacks in audio, it makes up for it in the adorability to make me squee. ^_^


Happy Caturday.

River Otters Return to Illinois

New research has declared that the river otter reintroduction efforts in the state of Illinois, have been “wildly successful”.  Their population has grown from 100 in 1980, to 11,000 in 2009!  There are now otters present in every county in the state.  Yay, Otters!













In early America, the poor otters had been trapped exten­sively, and pollution in waterways was a problem for them.  They were added to the state endan­gered species list in 1989.

During the mid-1990s, 346 river otters were brought from Louisiana and released in Illinois.  Protected from hunting and trapping, and with decreased pollution in waterways, the otters thrived.  They were upgraded to “threatened” status in 1999, and removed from that list in 2004.















The river otter popu­lation in Illinois is expected to grow to more than 30,000 by 2014.


Happy Ottersday!


The Goldfish Game

It’s been so hot outside lately, I’ve wanted nothing more than to jump in a pool, but as I don’t have one, I shall live vicariously through these adorable ducklings.

These babies are just six days old, but being rescued ducks, the humans taking care of them must make sure to teach them how to fish.

They call this: The Goldfish Game.

Get ready for exclusive cuteness, this video was just posted yesterday!






Meet Mugly

Say hello to Mugly, the Chinese Crested Dog that has won 2012′s World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, held every year in Petaluma, California.  Chinese crested dogs have won this contest almost every year for the past decade.  What makes the breed so ugly is its signature hairlessness, and common tooth loss.  Seems like a sweet pooch to me :-)