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The Wild Monkeys of Florida

Apparently, there are thriving wild communities of monkeys living in Florida.

Happy Monkday. :-D
















There’s a so-called Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay that led researchers to a population of wild macaques that has lived along the Silver River, 100 miles away, in the central part of the state, for the last eighty years.  This isn’t the only population of wild, free-roaming monkeys in Florida; another, a small troop of vervet monkeys, has lived near the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport for generations since they escaped from a roadside zoo. The vervet monkeys are often found behind a certain Motel 6, and have even adopted a raccoon into their ranks, treating it as “a long-lost family member.”





Jazz for Cows


In Autrans, France, an American-based jazz band called The New Hot 5 discover that the cows like their music as much as the people do!


My favorite part is watching the cows take notice and walk towards the music. :-)

Pilot Cat

Summer is almost over… did everyone remember to take their summer vacations?  I’m going Kitty-Air ^_^ hehehe.


























Happy Caturday.

California Sea Otter Population Rises
















Sea otter advocates smiled this week at the release of the U.S. Geologic Survey’s spring census, which showed a 5.1% boost in individual otters from the 2010 count, a 1.5% increase in the more important three-year average, and the third highest pup tally on record.


The numbers are encouraging for the long struggling species, though conservationists express “cautious” optimism, as too many sea otters were victims of shark attacks, infections, and boat strikes, to consider the sea otter population recovered yet.





















“The recovery is still slow, [but] seeing an upward tick is better news than a downward tick,” said Jim Curland, advocacy program director with Friends of the Sea Otter.


Happy Ottersday ^_^

The Otter that Doesn’t Like Water































In Loch Lomond Sea Life Aquarium in Balloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, there lives an Asian small-clawed otter named Shona, who doesn’t like the water.  Her two sisters like it just fine and act like normal otters do, but Shona would rather side on the edge and watch.  The aquarium is doing its best to retrain Shona into thinking that water is good thing for otter to swim around in.















Happy Ottersday, mates!