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Kitty Cams

Research done by the University of Georgia shows a never-before-seen side of family cats, providing a glimpse into the lives they lead when we’re not around. The researchers attached small cameras, called “Kitty Cams,” around the necks of over fifty cats, and let them roam; and when the team analyzed the video, they found some very unexpected results.













“One of the most surprising things we witnessed was cats adopting a second set of owners,” the team wrote on the research website. “Four of our project kitties were recorded entering another household for food and/or affection! [However, there were also] a greater number of small reptiles killed than previously thought. This is probably because we don’t normally see it. The cats usually end up eating them or leaving them in the woods so we never knew before.”


According to Kerrie Anne Loyd, a University of Georgia researcher, the team gathered thousands of hours of video from 55 different cats.



Watch an example of the kitty cam… there are many more at the University of Georgia’s website.


Happy Caturday! ^_^


Captioned Ottersday

Apparently, this river otter reeeaaalllly likes abalone. ;-D





























Happy Ottersday!

I just couldn’t pass up this joking otter- made me LOL.

World Cat Day With Hemingway

Today, August 8th (or 08-08) is a very auspicious day, as 8 is considered a lucky number, especially in China, and August 8th is also World Cat Day!!

So, hug your kitties a little closer, give them treats, or if you don’t have your own kitty, there are plenty of resources online for cat news, adoptions, videos, pictures, and squeeing.


In honor of World Cat Day, here’s a mini-tour of the Hemingway House in the Florida Keys, where 40-60 cats have roamed freely since Earnest Hemingway lived there.  The interesting thing about these cats in particular is that they are polydactyl, which means they have more than 5 toes on their paws!

The Elephant Whisperer








The “elephant whisperer” Anthony Lawrence passed away earlier this year.  Over the following days, after approximately 12 hours of travel, two herds of wild South African elephants in a “funerary procession” gathered at his house; paid their respects for two days and left.

Anthony Lawrence was a international conservationist, environmentalist, explorer and bestselling author; he was known for his work in trying to save the elephants and all wildlife on the veldts of Africa, as well as having his own animal reserve, Thula Thula, in the heart of the Zululand, part of the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa.


Read more here:



Olympic Caturday

The Olympics continue to be popular as countries battle it out for the gold.  We have to wait four years to see summertime athletes compete, but cats play olympic-style sports all the time!  Check it out…


Happy Caturday!

Randall Narrates a Video on Sea Otters

A man named Randall gained huge internet notoriety when he narrated a hysterical video about The Honey Badger (please be aware, he does swear in the narration).


Well now, Randall has narrated a new video about the sea otters.   He doesn’t really swear in this one…. Randall seems to be more enthralled with the sea otters than anything else.



Happy Ottersday!

The Laughing Camel

Happy Humpday, everybody… we’ve made it to the middle of the week!  So, laugh… and maybe a camel will laugh too. ;-D


















This picture was just way too hilarious not to post. :-D