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Meet Pete the Monkey

Pete the Monkey, who lives in a monkey sanctuary in El Chapar, Bolivia, has become a cult figure of sorts in the ape world.  He first shot to fame when a YouTube video of him washing the dishes became an international web sensation a few years ago.

The video was so popular, that the folks who shot the video created a unique project to fund the rescue and rehabilitation of capuchin monkeys like Pete by letting interested parties sponsor their viral videos.  For every 1000 pounds they raise, they will release a new monkey video.


Well, the second video has just been released.

Cute lil’ guy, ain’t he… ^_^ Happy Monkday

Monkey in a Coat Found Wandering IKEA

A very fashionably-dressed monkey was found wandering around an Ikea in Toronto, Canada.  Apparently, this shearling-coat-and-diaper-wearing monkey, was brought to the store by his owners and left in the car while they went inside.

Toronto Police Staff Sergeant Ed Dzingala described the animal as one “smart monkey,” who was somehow able to escape its crate, open the car door and make its way to the customer pick-up area at Ikea’s North York location.


Namaste Viscacha

Viscachas are rodents in the chinchilla family, but they look more like rabbits, with long tails.  They live all over South America, from the pampas of Argentina to the Peruvian and Ecuadorean Andes.  They are also hilarious.  :-D
























Happy Bunday ^-^