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The Great Whale Count

An estimated 1,126 humpback whales were observed in the waters surrounding Maui during the Great Whale Count held over the weekend.

















The survey, conducted by the Pacific Whale Foundation, utilized more than one hundred volunteers who gathered data on the wintering whales from twelve locations across Maui.

Pacific Whale Foundation’s founder and Executive Director Greg Kaufman said, “Typically, at the peak of the season, we see mothers and calves inshore, and competition pods beginning to move inshore as well. I think the whales are still arriving to Maui from the south, from the direction of the Big Island, and predict we’ll be seeing greater amounts of nearshore activity in the weeks to come.”














More important, authorities say, is the overall upward trend in the number of whales sighted since 1995. Officials estimate that anywhere between 12,000 to 14,000 humpbacks make the trek to Hawaii each year.

“Some sites experienced gusty trade winds, which kicked up the sea and made it challenging to locate whales. Nonetheless, the count was a success,” reported Dr. Emmanuelle Martinez, senior researcher at Pacific Whale Foundation.

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Baby Monkey Rescued in Colombia


Abandoned by it’s mother, this squeetastic baby night monkey was thankfully rescued by biologists from a wildlife center in Colombia.  Now one of them has taken on the role of surrogate mother to the cute little primate, and so they must be together all the time… as in twenty-four hours a day.


Happy Monkday :-)

Kitty Cafe Coming to London


The Cat Cafe concept the has swept the nation of Japan, is coming to the Western world.  The Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, to be exact, modeled on Tokyo’s popular cat cafes, is set to open in trendy Old Street, east London.

Abandoned cats will soon be sharing cafe space with Londoners starved of feline affection if this Australian woman has her way.  Lauren Pears, a video game executive originally from Brisbane, plans to open Britain’s first cat cafe in April after raising more than £109,000 ($161,570) through a crowd-funding website.
















Miss Pears, 30, is already advertising for “professional cats” (staff) and says she is being bombarded with requests to start up a second coffee house in Brighton or Edinburgh.

She has approached an animal home about taking in between 10-15 “quite sociable” cats and also fostering felines at the cafe, which will be open six days a week, 12 hours a day and seat up to 50 people.

Lady Dinah’s will offer customers the chance to say hello to a cat while sipping a coffee and eating food for $7.60 an hour.  “A cat cafe has the potential to create social situations that you wouldn’t otherwise get,” Miss Pears said. “You could have two strangers who’ll talk to each other in a cafe setting because there’s a cat in-between them. It’s disarming.”

The British Food Standards Agency allows animals in a cafe, but ”reasonable precaution” must be taken and be demonstrable to prevent domestic animals from accessing food preparation areas.

Lady Dinah’s, named after Alice’s cat in Alice in Wonderland, will offer lots of “high rest” places for the cats.  Miss Pears will run a volunteer night watch program to make sure the cats are cared for.  She wants the cats to have a “life of love and luxury”.

Cafes have also opened in Hong Kong, Vienna, Taiwan, Seoul, St Petersburg and in Sudbury, Canada.  A few rabbit cafes have also sprung up in Japan and there is a crowdfunding campaign to to raise money to set up a sausage dog cafe in Brixton, south London.  Patrons would even be allowed to walk the dogs.

Dancing Bears

So, I’m back in Colorado.  I went to Albuquerque to attend a dance festival, and what am I doing tonight now that I’m back home?  Why, going out dancing, of course!  So, I could not resist this adorable picture of dancing baby bears; enjoy!

Bugs Bunny Cat

I’m in Albuquerque, New Mexico this weekend, so I’m writing Albuquerque-themed posts while I’m down here.  This kitty caption made me LOL: it’s the perfect combination of Albuquerque and Caturday humor.


















Happy Caturday ^-^

Camel Urine May Help Cure Cancer?

This is one of the most bizarre scientific research articles I’ve ever run across, so how could I not share it?

Researchers in Saudi Arabia say they have identified a substance in camel urine that could cure cancer, but the early stage research is awaiting approval from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority before further studies can be conducted.

The researchers, based at King Abdulaziz University (KAU), in Jeddah, will present their research at the 2nd Biotechnology World Congress in Dubai on February 18th through the 21st.  Middle Eastern media, however, have been publicising claims about the substance’s potential cancer-curing properties since at least 2009.


The research team says the substance they have extracted contains macro- and nano-particles and different types of metals.  Some of these metals appear to help the substance selectively target cancer cells, although their nature is still under investigation.


“This new smart drug is based on the latest frontiers in nanotechnology, which include nanoshells [a type of spherical nanoparticle] as the drug carrier,” said Gehan Ahmed, KAU’s head of medical biophysics research.


The researchers claim they have also conducted a phase I trial on people with tumours (yet to be published) which showed some promising results.

Michael Jewett, a urology professor and bladder cancer specialist at the University of Toronto, Canada, says he was “impressed” by the research, but insists that further evidence of its ability to cure cancer is needed.

“I am pleased that there is ongoing work to validate this experience in a scientific way.  This is not an easy problem to address and there needs to be some high level peer-reviewed scientific reports of evidence to move this field forward.”


Whether it come from camel urine or not, any scientific potential for curing cancer deserves further research.



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