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Mardi Gras Grump

Happy Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras!  I hope everyone has great day, full of celebration and little grumpiness.





















You know it’s a fun holiday, when even Grumpy Cat has the holiday spirit. ^-^

Monkey & Cat Find Love in Malaysia


A man who works at an animal shelter in Malaysia, was closing up one night, and noticed that one of the cats and one of the monkeys had formed a special bond with each other.  He thought, as I do, that that was pretty special.


This video may seem long at 3:47, but it’s set to Chopin’s Nocturne for piano No. 2 in E flat major, which is definitely worth a listen… maybe two.


Happy Monkday :-)

Capuchins Bond Through Leaf-Rubbing


From the BBC’s Life of Mammals documentary series, published on youtube three day ago, this amazing footage shows how little capuchin monkeys use Piper leaves (which have insect repellent and antiseptic properties) to protect themselves against mosquitoes and the like, by getting the whole family together, and rubbing the leaves all over themselves.


Happy Monkday :-)

Happy Groundhog Day

At 7:25, this Saturday morning, amidst overcast an overcast sky, and frigid degree temperatures, Phil the Groundhog failed to see his shadow in the small town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

According to folklore, no shadow for Phil means that there will be an early Spring this year.  Woohoo!

Since the Groundhog’s first prediction in 1887, Phil has seen his shadow one hundred times and has not seen it on just sixteen occasions, with nine missing years in the record.

His unimpeachable reliability notwithstanding, Phil’s accuracy is the subject of debate.NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center reports that Phil’s forecasts have shown no predictive skill, but AccuWeather reports that Phil has an eighty percent accuracy rate.