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Otter Equilibrium

















Otters are amazingly adaptable creatures.  They have a coat of fur that traps air bubbles for insulation, which causes heat to quickly be conducted from the otter’s body to the water, which creates a state of thermal equilibrium.  This would happen much more slowly in warm-blooded animals which didn’t have the otters’ special adaptation; that allows the otters to remain in the water for long periods of time.



A Little Science, for a Happy Ottersday :-)


Tiny Turtle, Big Grudge


This turtle has moxy.  That, or just a grudge against cats.  Watching a tiny turtle bite and scare away a few cats is, number one: hilarious; and number  two: so counterintuitive… I would think it’d be the cats that were doing the terrorizing against a small turtle, but this video proves me wrong.


Happy Humpday :-)


Fantastic News for Asian Sharks

Three types of critically endangered sharks have been given added protection at the Cites (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) meeting in Bangkok, Thailand yesterday.














The convention body voted by a two-thirds majority to upgrade these sharks’ status: the oceanic whitetip, three varieties of hammerheads and the porbeagle; species all said to be seriously threatened by overfishing in the waters surrounding East Asia.









Shark supporters have been attempting to get Cites to protect these species since 1994, but there had long been strong opposition to the move from China and Japan.  Experts say the critical factor has been a shift in South American nations, who’ve come to understand that sharks are more valuable alive than dead, in terms of ecological balance and tourism.











Campaigners hailed the move as historic and said the vote represented a major breakthrough for marine conservation.  As the votes went on there were smatterings of applause in the hall and some high-fives among campaigners.

Baby Bunnies


It may technically still be Winter, but Spring is so close, I think we all can feel it- including the rabbits!  This new video shows a one-week-old litter exploring their hutch and eating grass with their mama…. they are super adorable, totally squeetastic, and make me that much more excited for Spring’s arrival.


Happy Bunday ^_^


Hero Rabbit Chases Away Burglar

A petrified burglar fled a family home in England in the middle of the night after coming face-to-face with their giant pet rabbit.

Kimberley May, her fiancée Martin, and their three-year-old daughter Olivia were all sound asleep when the thief broke into their house.  As the raider rifled through cupboards, the noise woke up Toby, the family’s British Giant bunny in his kitchen cage.  The 4.5 kg, two-foot long pet began stomping so loudly on the floor that the intruder was caught on the hop and left.

Kimberley said, “We went to bed on Wednesday at about 10pm. In the early hours of the morning Toby our rabbit did five loud thumps.  I sort of half woke up then realized he’d stopped and went back to sleep. When I went downstairs every single cupboard and drawer were open, there were bits out everywhere, then we started noticing things were missing and we phoned the police.  We think that when the rabbit thumped it scared the burglar off and they left all the stuff they were going to take.  The rabbit was just traumatized in his cage, shaking. He’s usually really friendly but he tried to go for the policeman.”

The couple got their prized pet from an animal adoption center who took him in an unwanted pet.  According to the family, he’s playful, really friendly, and he doesn’t mind the three-year-old crawling all over him.  He’s like a small dog.  He has the run of the house and at night he goes in a dog’s crate: a Labrador-sized one at that.  When he thumps on the floor, it’s incredibly loud, you can hear it echoing around the house.

On the night of the burglary Toby stomped his five-inch long feet so loudly on the plastic floor of his crate that he managed to scare away the burglar.

“Toby has done the job of a guard dog,” said Kimberley, “we’re so proud of him we’ve rewarded him with a new tunnel to play with.  It’s a cat’s tunnel obviously because he needs a big one.”


Happy Bunday ^-^