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The Cat with the World’s Longest Fur

Meet Colonel Meow, the cat with (officially) the longest fur in the world.  Guinness World Records, the global authority on record-breaking achievement, announced its latest record-breaker: Colonel Meow, the Himalayan-Persian cross-breed has fur that reaches 22.87cm (9in) long!















The two-year-old feline was named ‘Colonel Meow’ by his owners because of his “epic frown and fur”, and will celebrate his achievement today at their home in Los Angeles, California.

“We already knew that he was the best cat in the world, but to be recognised in the Guinness World Records book takes it to the next level.”

Kudos to you, Colonel Meow, I salute you. Happy Caturday =^_^=


Fishing for Otters

A man in Norway has come up with the perfect way to hang out with a wild otter: put a giant fish on the end of a fishing line, find the otter, and let the fun begin.  At fourteen minutes long, this is one epic battle between otter and fish (being swung by man).  The “dangling otter” parts are my favorite.  ;-)


Happy Ottersday :#)

First Eaglet for Scotland in 200 Years

A pair of white-tailed eagles, Scotland’s largest native raptor, have raised a male chick, after nesting at a secret location in Fife.  The country’s last native white-tailed eagle died in Shetland in 1918.


The species only returned to the UK following a reintroduction project in the west of Scotland, which began on the Isle of Rum in 1975.  The pair which bred this summer were both released in 2009.


Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse welcomed the news. “I hope this will be the first of many of this magnificent species, which will eventually spread their territories right across Scotland,” he said, “I’d like to thank all the partners who have played their part in making this exciting and special event happen.”


Stuart Housden, director of RSPB Scotland, said, “This success further strengthens the strong bond we have formed with the people of Norway, who kindly gifted birds for release in Scotland throughout the reintroduction process, which started over 30 years ago on the west coast.  We owe a great deal to the project staff, farmers, landowners, partners and, of course, the general public, for their support and enthusiasm.”

CAT cat

Cats are generally known for their arrogance, sitting around wherever they please, but in this case, I think he may have a valid point… :-D


















Happy Caturday =^_^=

Otter Father Knows Best

At the Woodland Park Zoo, in Seattle, Washington, two Asian small-clawed otter pups are ready to venture out in their public exhibit for the first time!  While Mother Otter seems proud to lead her babies out into their enclosure, every time she does it, Father Otter is close behind, scooping up the pups, and taking them back inside.  Apparently, he is not quite ready to let go. ^_^

Happy Ottersday :#)