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Monkday Business

So that was Monday, did you engage in monkey business?  I didn’t have to work today, so my day was all monkey business, all day long!  Sorry, baby Chimp, maybe I’ll do real work next Monday… ;-)


Happy Monk(ape)day :_)

An Otter and his Urchin

Sea otters are famous for eating sea urchin- their consumption of them keeps the kelp forests off the west coast of the US healthy.  Sea urchins, however, are spiky and look scary and difficult to eat, but here’s Wally the Sea Otter from the Vancouver Aquarium to show you how easy it can be.



Happy Ottersday :#)

Monkey Bar Cat

For today’s Monkday, I’m deviating from the usual content to bring you a “monkey” of a different color: monkey bars.  This cat cracked me up so hard, using chairs like monkey bars, that I had to get it on the blog asap!


Happy Monkday :_)