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Monkey Earring

This is the littlest monkey in the world! It’s called a “pygmy marmoset”, but I like to refer to them as “pocket monkeys”. “Earring monkeys” just sounds kinda painful…. on my ears.



Happy Monkday :_)

Chinchilla in Slow Motion

Just published on youtube yesterday, this video showcases Taro the Violet Chinchilla’s adorable dust-bathing, both in regular time and in slow-motion. WooOOoohh. ^_^  


Taking a vigorous dust bath is one of the chinchilla’s natural behaviors, and it is how chinchillas keep their lush coats clean and healthy.  Not only does this dust bath help to keep their thick fur smooth and silky, it is thought to be relaxing and fun for chinchillas.  Indeed, chinchillas really get into their baths, rolling and flipping in the dust with great abandon.


Happy Bunday (|^_^|)

Meet Ziggy

Meet Ziggy, a river otter born six weeks ago at the Oregon Zoo.  In this video, he squeaks and then he sleeps…. sooooo cutely.  Just look at that punam! ^_^



Happy Ottersday :#)