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Humpback Watching in Baja California

Join me on a humpback whale watching trip to Baja California, in Mexico.  The humpbacks are migrating, so they’re closer to the shore this time of year.  Feel free to Oooo and Ahhhh along with the spectators on the boat. :-D


Also, shout-out to Denver at 1:12, woo!



Happy Humpday (^_^)

Rare Tawny Frogmouth Has Hatched

A powderpuff is born.  The first ever born of its kind at the Denver Zoo, this Tawny Frogmouth hatchling has been named Kermit, and is the new star attraction at the Birdworld exhibit.

As their name indicates, tawny frogmouths are known for their wide frog-like mouths, which they use to catch insects and other small animals. They are sometimes mistaken for owls as they have very similar body types, but are actually more closely related to birds like whippoorwills. Tawny frogmouths are also masters of disguise. When they become adults, their feathers turn beige and brown, and resemble the tree branches in which they roost. When they feel threatened they sit perfectly still and rely on their camouflage to hide from predators.


The zookeepers say the species is difficult to breed and over the years they had problems finding compatible pairs. Kermit is the first chick for both father, Nangkita, and mother, Adelaide. The two were paired under recommendation of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) Species Survival Plan (SSP), which ensures healthy populations and genetic diversity among zoo animals.

Fortunately, the couple has proved to be an excellent match.


Happy Flyday ~^v^~