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Ode to a Pocket Monkey

O Pygmy Marmoset,
O Pocket Monkey,
Your face full of fluff
cannot hide your sweet smile,
as I anthropomorphisize you
and aggrandize your small stuff.


Your cute little paws,
All I hear are d’awws,
I drown in your big eyes of black.
What do you see,
my pocket monkey?
Don’t worry ’cause I’ve got your back.















Happy Monkday :_)

A Dog and his BFF: a Stray Cat

A family decided to take in a stray cat after they discovered that everyday the cat waited outside the door to see their dog. “I caught my dog meeting with him daily.  They have been inseparable since,” said their human.

“Boots was a 3-month old kitten at the time, and he would interact with Diego and follow him around whenever we went for walks, usually in the back yard. We thought it was strange they got along so well!”

“We got him immunized and took him in when we realized Boots was almost always waiting outside the door for him. They really are like brothers, they play and teach each other and keep each other out of trouble,” they added.


Happy Caturday =^_^=

Meet the Geep

Meet the Geep, an adorable goat-sheep hybrid born accidentally in Ireland.  Accidentally, because no one at the farm believed that the goat’s “antics” would result in anything, but the farm is excited about the new arrival and plans on keeping him as a pet.


A Rat for Cuddlin’

Anyone who believes that rats are gross, has not spent much time with fancy rats.  They’re clean, make great pets, and they’re oh-so cute!  Just look at those widdle feeties!

Happy Bun(rodent)day! (|^_^|)

Wanna Hold An Otter Baby?

In what may be the cutest play date ever, Colorado’s Pueblo Zoo is offering the chance to interact with the zoo’s three adorable newborn otter pups.

The first two people who offer the zoo a $500 donation will be able to hold the tiny animals and help with their wellness checks, Pueblo Zoo spokeswoman Abigail Krause, director of marketing and communications at the Pueblo Zoo, said.


“It’s an opportunity for people to get an up close look at what happens with otters and at a zoo,” Krause said. ”The mother, Freyja, has been very trusting with the keeper, but the amount of time people can have contact with them right now is once a week.”
The pups, two females and one male, were born on March 3 and now weigh a little more than a pound each, Krause said.
She expects the pups, which also need to be named, will make their public debuts this summer.



Happy Ottersday :#)