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Baby Otter Rescued During Festival

At the Benderdinker Kayak/Canoe Paddle and Food Festival, in Augusta, Georgia, one patron found an injured baby river otter, and decided to do something about it. He notified Benderdinker founder, Kristina Williams, and her husband rescued the otter and began to rehab him, and contacted Department of Natural Resources.

The DNR suggested taking him to Highland Animal Hospital in Augusta, where he is now getting proper medical care. His injuries are believed to be caused by the talons of a local raptor.

Williams said she named the baby otter “Dinker” in honor of the festival.


Happy Ottersday :#)

No Need to Flee From the Manatee

Now, I don’t usually post videos of people in distress, but this girl really has little to worry about from swimming next to a tranquil manatee. Yes, they’re huge, but they’re sea cows, slowly meandering through watery homes, eating lettuce with their whiskered mouths. This is why I feel okay, laughing hysterically at this poor girl, who doesn’t realize how much in danger she isn’t in.

You go and you prosper, you awesome manatee.