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Fishing Cats for Binghampton

The Binghamton Zoo in New York unveiled to the public today two new fishing cats: adorable endangered felines native to southern Asia, in the hopes that they will help grow the fishing cat population.


Hunter and Malikai, arrived in Binghamton earlier this week. Hunter, the male, was driven north from where he was raised at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington D.C.  Malikai, a female, was flown in from the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound in Rosamond, California.

“I’m hopeful everyone is really going to love them; they’re really lanky and really slick and they like to play a lot,” said Binghamton Zoo General Curator Nancy Kitchen. I have no doubt that everyone will really love them <3


Fishing cats are aptly named after their feeding method of diving into the shallow waters of wetlands to snag fish and crustaceans. At the zoo they will be fed small rodents in addition to fish like herring and capelin. While fishing cats are larger than the typical household cat, they are considerably smaller than other wild felines like the Amur leopard, cougar, and snow leopard.

The potential mates are being held in separate enclosures while they adjust to their new homes but will soon be introduced, at first through a mesh barrier, and hopefully, they will eventually produce kittens.


Happy Caturday =^_^=



Cycling With an Ostrich

Imagine you’re cycling down the road, and an ostrich joins in and runs along side you, doing 50 mph with no sweat. That’s exactly what happened to these cyclists, who had gone down to South Africa for the Cape Argus Tour.

To stretch out their legs they went on pre-race ride to the Cape of Good Hope on a road by the oceanside, which was quiet and pretty deserted… except for one excited ostrich. What a lucky coincidence that they happened to be taking video of their ride!

Thank-you YouTube Channel Oleksiy Mishchenko  for this thrilling video!


Happy Flyday! ~^v^~

Kissed by a Fish

During a diving trip to Palau and Truk Lagoon, divers met a friendly Humphead Wrasse: a large fish known for the hump on it’s head and it’s big pronounced lips. This one apparently loves cameras, and so decided to kiss the GoPro, then kiss the divemaster. That’ll be an experience I’m sure those divers won’t soon forget. It’s not often I say D’awwww to a fish!

Thank-you YouTube Channel Mina Min for your underwater voyage video!


Happy Humpday (^_^)


Smallest Monkey Gives Birth to Tiny Twins

A pygmy marmoset, the world’s smallest monkey, just had twins- weighing 15 grams each- at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Helensburgh, New South Wales, Australia.

Gomez and Iti were introduced as a couple mid 2015. From the outset the two were inseparable, and now they get to both be first time parents to the cutest lil’ monkey babies I have ever seen. ^_^

Thank-you YouTube Channel Symbio Wildlife Park for the adorable video!


Happy Monkday :_)


Close Encounters of the Snow Leopard Kind

A few weeks ago, skiers on the Gulmarg slope in Kashmir, India, were stopped dead in their tracks, by a perfectly camouflaged snow leopard. This endangered cat is so rare, this kind of encounter is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone. Luckily, they were filming their ski run, and were able to capture the chance meeting. They all stood slack-jawed, staring at the creature as it stared back at them, until 1:24 in the video, when the snow leopard breaks from his camouflage, and hurries away down the mountain. How exciting! …and luckily, no one got hurt, thank goodness.

Thank-you YouTube Channel Caters TV for this thrilling video


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