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Wild Otters T-Shirts for Conservation

Wild Otters is a conservation research organization based in India, focusing on the conservation of their native otters species (smooth coated, Asian Small-clawed, and Eurasian otters). They were founded in September 2014. They focus on better understanding otters, use this understanding to take proactive conservation actions, disseminate  information, and spread awareness about otters to create long lasting conservation support. They also have a facebook page.
They reached out to In Otter News, as they are trying to raise funds by selling T-shirts with a super-cute otter design.


The Otter T-Shirt. Get yours at

They need to get at least 100 orders for the t-shirt to be printed. All proceeds benefit the otter conservation work that Wild Otters does.


In Otter News does not sell products, but in this case I felt it worthy to share this particular T-Shirt opportunity with my fellow otter lovers.

May we all find a way to better support the planet and all of its creatures.


Happy Ottersday :#)