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A New Baby Girl Sea Otter for Seattle Aquarium

There’s a new sea otter pup at the Seattle Aquarium, and I think it may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…

Seattle Aquarium is all a-buzz over their brand new female sea otter pup.  Born to mother Aniak, an otter who was also born at the Seattle Aquarium in 2002, the pup was born January 14, 2012, and her gender was determined yesterday, January 24, 2012.


“We are so excited to welcome this new creature into the Aquarium family,” said Traci Belting, curator of mammals and birds, “we’ll be observing the mother and pup ’round the clock to evaluate the health of each in the days ahead.”

Since this pup is female, she will get to stay and live with her mom at the Seattle Aquarium.  If the baby had been male, he would have probably needed to be moved to another facility, to avoid conflict with Adaa, the other male at the Aquarium (and the baby’s father, presently on “parental leave” at the Oregon Zoo.)

The Seattle Aquarium became the first institution in the world to raise sea otters from conception to adulthood in 1979 with the birth of Tichuk.

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