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Presidential Pets

Happy President’s Day everybody!









Today on In Otter News, we’re showcasing some of the best pictures taken of the presidents and their pets. 









We have the Obama family and Bo the Portuguese Water Dog, George W. Bush and Spot Fetcher the English Springer Spaniel, Socks the Cat taking over his master’s duties while Bill Clinton was away…









George H. W. Bush and Millie the Springer Spaniel, Ronald and Nancy Reagan with their three pets post-retirement, Gerald Ford with his golden retriever Liberty, Lyndon B. Johnson singing with Yuki the Mutt…





















John F. Kennedy with his children and their pet pony named Macaroni, Franklin D. Roosevelt taking a ride with his Scottish Terrier Fala, and finally, William H. Harding and Laddie Boy the Airedale Terrier.






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