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Back from Camping in Colorado

I just got back home after camping near Ouray, Colorado, and it sure was a stunning mountain scene.  Here are a few pictures of animals I saw while I was up there, and some I might have seen if I were lucky!

The American Pika. These I definitely saw! They're so cute ^_^

The mountain cottontail rabbit. I couldn't let a Bunday go by without at least one rabbit reference. ;-)

The mule deer. I saw a family of moms and babies, but no bucks. I would have loved to have seen those huge horns!

This small boreal toad is very rare and endemic to the alpine regions in the Rocky Mountains. I don't believe I saw one... they're very small.


Bighorn Sheep with Western magpie perched on horn. I saw both of these, but not together like this... that would have been too funny!

River otters are rare and elusive in Colorado, but they love to swim in the cold mountain streams in the Rocky Mountains. I have yet to see one in the wild... if I saw one I would probably freak out squeeing from cuteness overload, and scare it away :-D


We saw a herd of these bison from the side of the road... they are massive!

The Gray Wolf is the alpha predator of the Rocky Mountains, however, they were basically eradicated from Colorado at the turn of the century. Sightings now are very rare. Needless to say, I have not run into one... and it's probably better that way...

The Yellow-bellied, or Golden, marmot. They're only found in the alpine ecosystems high up in the mountains. I have never seen one, but someday, dagnabbit, I will.


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