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Monkey Birth for the Sacramento Zoo















A species of African monkey little observed in captivity or the wild was born at the Sacramento Zoo in Sacramento, California over the weekend.

The arrival of the Wolf’s Guenon monkey was the first infant of Mimi, born at the San Diego Zoo in 2007, and Eddie, born at the San Antonio Zoo in 1995.  Both were welcomed to the Sacramento Zoo in the Fall.


Wolf’s guenons live in trees south of Africa’s Congo River.  The species was named after the person who first described it for science.  They’re rather serious looking but are quite social, and they feed on insects and fruit.


“Little is known about Wolf’s Guenons because of their small population in zoos. In the wild, the dense forests in which they live make them hard to spot,” said Harrison Edell, Sacramento Zoo General Curator. “This birth is significant to the Sacramento Zoo; with every birth, we learn more about this species’ biology, contributing to our overall knowledge about this species.”



Happy Monkday :-)

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