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Camel Urine May Help Cure Cancer?

This is one of the most bizarre scientific research articles I’ve ever run across, so how could I not share it?

Researchers in Saudi Arabia say they have identified a substance in camel urine that could cure cancer, but the early stage research is awaiting approval from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority before further studies can be conducted.

The researchers, based at King Abdulaziz University (KAU), in Jeddah, will present their research at the 2nd Biotechnology World Congress in Dubai on February 18th through the 21st.  Middle Eastern media, however, have been publicising claims about the substance’s potential cancer-curing properties since at least 2009.


The research team says the substance they have extracted contains macro- and nano-particles and different types of metals.  Some of these metals appear to help the substance selectively target cancer cells, although their nature is still under investigation.


“This new smart drug is based on the latest frontiers in nanotechnology, which include nanoshells [a type of spherical nanoparticle] as the drug carrier,” said Gehan Ahmed, KAU’s head of medical biophysics research.


The researchers claim they have also conducted a phase I trial on people with tumours (yet to be published) which showed some promising results.

Michael Jewett, a urology professor and bladder cancer specialist at the University of Toronto, Canada, says he was “impressed” by the research, but insists that further evidence of its ability to cure cancer is needed.

“I am pleased that there is ongoing work to validate this experience in a scientific way.  This is not an easy problem to address and there needs to be some high level peer-reviewed scientific reports of evidence to move this field forward.”


Whether it come from camel urine or not, any scientific potential for curing cancer deserves further research.



Happy Humpday, everybody :-)

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