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One Peculiar Humpday

In Peculiar, Missouri, Hump Day got a little more- well, peculiar- at Raymore Peculiar High School today. To celebrate their last hump day, the senior class managed to have a camel brought onto school grounds.  

When stunned students and staff arrived, there was a camel in a fenced-in area at the school. Seniors, led by Suzie Lottie, organized the “prank,” according to Tyler Wornell, who is senior class vice president and the Panther Times editor-in-chief.


“We as seniors just like to go out with a big bang,” Wornell said. “Obviously senior pranks are a tradition, and we wanted to make this our own.”


The students worked with administrators to ensure the prank went off without a hitch. A to Z Exotic Animal Adventures of Peculiar provided the camel, named Gabriella, who was never in any danger.  Actually, Gabriella was generous with her affection. 

“It was something fun, something to give us some good laughs,” senior Drew Greer said, “she was so bubbly and actually left a mark on my shoulder. She likes to give lots of hugs and kisses, which I didn’t really like because they were slobbery,” Lottie said. “She was loving. She was really sweet.”


Happy Humpday (^_^)

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