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Rare Albino Squirrel Twins in Britain

An extremely rare pair of adorable young albino squirrels have been spotted in a park by a family while walking through the Jubilee Park in Waterlooville, Great Britain. According to the father, the two small squirrels were playing in a tree while under the protection of their squirrel mother, who has brown fur.

The squirrels, nicknamed Pinky and Perky are believed to be the only pair of albino squirrel siblings in Great Britain, if not the world. 

The father said, “all of a sudden I saw a flash of white in the tree. I looked up and thought I saw a cuddly toy- it was white and fluffy. Then I realized it was a squirrel and another all white one bounded round the branch. It was brilliant, my daughters were absolutely delighted. My youngest kept asking for a kiss, and [she] asked if she could have one.  I’ve never seen an albino squirrel before, let alone two. We decided to name them Pinky and Perky because you can really see their red eyes against their white fur.”

The family have been returning to the tree to see whether they can spot the squirrels again. The squirrels are obviously quite young, because their mum was sat on a branch higher up, keeping an eye on them.


Squirrels have about a one in 100,000 chance of being born albinism.  Finding two in the same litter? That’s inconceivable!

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