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The Return of the White Whale

For the first time this year, Australia’s most famous white humpback whale “Migaloo” has been spotted, off the coast of Sydney.  He is on his annual seasonal migration to warmer waters along with at least four other whales, who just make Migaloo’s glowing gloriousness that much more impressive.

Migaloo is a rare albino humpback whale. Its name “Migaloo” is an Aboriginal word for “white fella”. Migaloo has “special status” in New South Wales and Queensland as it has been around for a few generations and is in a way the ambassador for the whale watching tourism.

He was first spotted in 1991. After that it made a couple of appearances in the migration time of the year but there have been a couple of years when it was not spotted at all. It is believed to be born on 1988 as that year there were reports of birth of a white whale. It is expected to be around for more generations as the Humpback whales can live to about 80 years of age. They swim from Antarctica to the waters off Queensland each year, migrating further north.

This while wale was first spotted this year by Whale Watching Sydney cruise director and photographer Jonas Liebschner off Cronulla about 3pm on Tuesday. “I’ve been whale-watching for seven years and I’ve never been so excited … it’s an once-in-a-lifetime experience, it’s the Holy Grail of whale watching”, said Mr. Liebschner.


Many whale watchers have taken to the water in boats to watch the whale migration. There have strict rules about maintaining distances away from the whales, so as to prevent aggravation among them.

Migaloo is an impressive sea creature and a treat to the watchers as he glows in the water, a fluorescent blue. This indeed is quite an amazing sight to watch.


Happy Humpday (^_^)

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