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My Hamsters

I own hamsters now- I got them about a month ago- and I love them.  I have two: one Chinese dwarf hamster, named Autumn; and one Roborovski dwarf hamster, named Winter. They are fairly low maintenance, hilarious to watch, and cute as buttons.

Autumn (in the wheel) & Winter (outside the wheel), together in their domicile


My hamsters have very distinct personalities. For instance, the hamsters have different schedules: Autumn is more awake in the evening, and Winter is more awake in the morning.

The spend time in their hamster balls while I'm cleaning out their habitat. Plus, it's great exercise for them.

Autumn is the forager of the pair.  She packs as much food as she can onto her cheek pouches and carries it swiftly away to her under-bedding nest/storeroom. She has mostly brown sleek fur, with a white underbelly, and black fur line down her backbone. She loves the hamster wheel, and vastly prefers it to her exercise ball.  Autumn loves corn.

Autumn begins to forage (cheeks unstuffed)

Autumn While Foraging (Cheeks Stuffed)

Winter is the engineer of the pair. She moves the bedding around, and assembles cardboard pieces in different configurations. She has mostly white poofy fur, with some black and tan fur around the back of her neck. She loves her hamster exercise ball. She enjoys the wheel too, and runs so fast I can’t see her feet move (which makes sense, since “Robos” are the fastest and smallest hamster species). Winter loves peanuts.

Winter is so fast!!

Winter's fur is so fluffy, she looks like a powder puff with a face

I think many people consider hamsters to just be pets for kids, and they are great for that, but I think more adults should consider hamsters for pets as well, especially for those who live in apartments, or have little to no yard area around their domiciles. They will burrow into your heart, just like they did mine. <3

Autumn spends a lot of time in the wheel.

The Hamster Habitat: Ground Level.

Happy Bun(rodent)day (|^_^|)

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