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Elderly Dog Takes Last Agility Lap

I love watching dog agility runs. They really show off the dog’s abilities, and the dogs look so happy while they’re running them. Maybe that’s why this story sticks with me so much… right in the base of my heart.


At the American Kennel Club Dog Agility Trials in Great Falls, MT, someone caught a particularly unusual agility course run on camera. Lakota is an adorable, elderly dog whose agility career spans ten years! Active from 2005-2015, she and her trainer Val clearly loved their time on the course together. Here is the video of her last lap before retirement.


Like in all things, it can be easy¬†for people¬†to get caught up in the competition, and with training their dogs to be better, faster and more accurate, but it’s moments like this one that remind us what’s at the heart of the sport: the deep, loving bond between dog and human and the priceless time they spend together.

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