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Chimpanzees Set Free After Thirty Years

A few days ago, Upworthy posted a video (via The Dodo), featuring animals being let out of cages for the first time. It’s- as they say- “heartmelting”. Here’s the link: 

I was most struck by the chimpanzees in the video, who were let outside after thirty years of confinement in a laboratory. At 0:38 into the video, the chimps see the sky for the first time and hug each other, and I totally did not start crying at this point, at all. I was truly moved by what I was seeing, so I decided to hunt down the original video of the chimpanzees, so I could see their whole story. Here it is, in it’s entirety.

“A few of these chimps were born in captivity but most were kidnapped from African jungles as babies and flown to Europe, where they were locked in metal laboratory cages to be used in a long series of experiments. Their ordeal finally ended when 38 chimps were released into a sanctuary in Austria called Gut Aiderbichl, allowing them to feel the nurturing contact of their fellow chimps after years of being separated by bars and bullet-proof glass. ” -From the Youtube Video Page (username: EVOLVE campaigns)


Happy Monk(Ape)day :_) 


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