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New Otter Trio Settles in at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

A new trio of female Asian small-clawed otters, named Blaze, Noodle and Drumstick, have just moved into their new home at the Zoological Society of London Whipsnade Zoo (The UK’s largest zoo), in Dunstable, England, in the United Kingdom.

They join two male otters, Fattie and Chopstick, who have lived at the zoo since 2005.

Senior keeper Alex Pinnell said, “Blaze, Noodle and Drumstick are a very excitable trio, and they’re already keeping the male otters on their toes. All five have settled well into the new social group… We feed the otters a huge range of different freshwater and saltwater fish, as well as prawns, mussels, mice and even broccoli! They’re an inquisitive bunch, I’m sure they’ll be delighted by their treat.”

To celebrate the new otters, the zoo keepers gave them all a special basket full of their favorite treats.

They sure are cute… maybe there will be otter babies at the Dunstable Zoo coming soon?

Happy Ottersday! :#)



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