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The Return of the Mulgara

Have you heard of a mulgara? I hadn’t, until recently. It’s a super-cute hamster-sized marsupial, and was in danger of becoming extinct, until now.


For about 150 years, Australia had been dealing with an unwanted visitor: the European rabbit. Now, bunnies are cute and floofy, and in their native habitats, play important roles in the balance of their ecosystems, but in Australia- a foreign land- rabbits are an invasive species put there by us, and they unintentionally took over, munching and reproducing their way through Australian plains, edging out important native species, like the Mulgara.

(Source: Photo by Judy Dunlop Parks and Wildlife)

In a surprise twist, a rabbit-only virus has begun to balance out the overpopulated bunnies in Australia, and is allowing native species to thrive again. Rabbit populations are strong all over the world, and are in no way at risk, but for the Mulgara (and for other small mammals, like the dusky hoppingĀ mouse and the plains mouse), this is the chance of a lifetime to regain their lost territory, and hopefully rebuild their once thriving populations.

(Source: Image credit:

In spite of everything we throw at her, Nature finds a way.

(Source: Image: Ken Johnson)

Happy Bunday (|^_^|)


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