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Animals Celebrate Film for the Academy Awards

Happy Oscar Night, animal lovers! The Academy Awards Show is about to begin, and the animals are out too, supporting awesome & awe-inspiring films…. which one is your favorite?

"The Danish Rat" (Source:

"Slimepug from Ghostdoggers" (Source:

"The Good, The Bad, & The Piggy" (Source:

"Sherlock Buns" (Source:

"The Little Merhuahua" (Source:

"Pirates of the Kittybbean" (Source:















"Peter Horse" (Source:

"The Doggiator" (Source:


"The Madness of King Pig" (Source:

"Horse Noon" (Source:

"Bunbo" (Source:

"Flying Terriers from The Wizard of Dog" (Source:


"Gandog the Pug from Lord of the Collars" (Source:

Super Pets!

"Batcat & The Jo-cat from The Dark Cat" (Source:

"Batdog & Dogin from Batdog & Dogin" (Source:

"Superhorse from Horse of Steel" (Source:

"Nick Furry from The Avenge-Pets" (Source:

"Canine America from The Avenge-Pets" (Source:

Hairy Petter

"Hairy Pigger from Hairy Petter" (Source:

"Herdoggie from Hairy Petter" (Source:

Star Pets

"Princecat Leia" from Star Pets (Source:

"Doggett the Ewok from Star Pets" (Source:

"Chewdogga from Star Pets" (

"Obi-Dog Kenobark from Star Pets" (Source:


Happy Oscar Night!




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