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Leaping Lemurs!

Happy Leap Day! This day only comes around every four years, so today we’re celebrating Monkday with eleven lemurs a-leaping! Lemurs are primates endemic to the island of Madagascar, who love to leap around in the grass, from tree branch to tree branch, or while play-fighting with each other, (or while celebrating Leap Day, of course!)

Multiple shots of a lemur scampering across the ground in Madagascar; Africa; Picture: Barcroft Media (Source:

Ring-Tailed Lemurs Playing (Source:

Black and White Ruffed Lemur , Photo by Martin Harvey (Source:


Leaping Sifaka, Photo by Martin Harvey (Source:

A Verreux Sifaka (Source:

Leaping Verreaux Sifaka in Madagascar (Source:

Dancing Sifaka, Photographed on the island of Madagascar by Dale Morris (Source:

Landing Lemur, Photo by Michael Oberman (Source:

High-Flying Lemur (Source:

Ring-Tailed Lemurs by Wolfgang Kaehler (Source:

Locomotion of lemurs leaping through the treetops. Following them on the ground through the rain forest is tough work. Manombo, Madagascar (Source:


Happy Monk(Lemur)day! :_)



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