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Rescued Baby Otter Loves Her Stuffed Animals

A river otter pup was found alone and crying by the side of the road earlier this week in Tampa, Florida. She is now being looked after by Kris Porter, a licensed and experienced rehabilitator with Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife.

Kris told The Dodo that the five-week-old otter, who hasn’t been named (yet?), is unusually affectionate for a river otter. Usually, Kris explains, “they’d be tearing my hand up,” but this little otter loves belly rubs and cuddles with her otter stuffed animals.

She also, apparently, likes to leave the stuffies in her water bowl. Other reports have concluded that she is trying to “drown” the stuffies, but I would like to submit the hypothesis that she is simply trying to teach them to swim.

The sanctuary has to keep back up toys on hand, in either case, since they keep getting so wet, which is, so cute. ^_^

Porter said tha tno matter how attached she’s gotten, her greatest satisfaction comes when they are well enough to return to the wild, and that’s what she hopes for this otter too. However if she is just simply too nice for the wildthen she won’t be released back there, because liking humans that much would make living without them too dangerous.

In that case, she’ll be donated to an aquarium or wildlife center, and become a species ambassador. Then, she’ll finally get a name.

Happy Ottersday :#)


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