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Man Rescues Mystery Rodent, Becomes Best Friend

When Jeff Longo found an injured and helpless animal on the sidewalk, he decided to pick up the tiny animal and take it back home. He couldn’t tell what it was nor did he know what to do, so he took to Reddit and asked.  Many told him there was no chance, but Jeff didn’t want to give up. He was determined to save her.


He named her Biscuits, and so began a journey of hope and friendship that changed Jeff’s life and gave him a new best friend.

Meet Biscuits (Source:

Biscuits was only 3cm long when he found her.  After lots of research, he discovered that she was Southern flying squirrel.


After a few weeks, Biscuits’ condition started to improve, and she began to grow. Soon, they had created quite the bond between them.


Jeff got quite good at taking care of Biscuits, and even began to take her to work.


At home, he made her a hammock for her terrarium.


She’s so adorable!

Happy Bunday (|^_^|)


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