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Portland Puts a Bird on Bernie Sanders

Portland, Oregon is known for its unique character, which inspired an award-winning show, called Portlandia. One of Portlandia’s best known comedy skits involved putting a bird on random things, and making it into art. If you haven’t seen the Portlandia Bird Skit, click here ->

Thus the phrase, “Put a Bird on It” entered into the vernacular, or should I say, “Bernacular?”

Today at a Bernie Sanders rally in Portland, a little bird visited Bernie’s podium- a sparrow to be exact- which caused the crowd to cheer and applaud. Bernie paused his speech, smiled and enjoyed the moment with the visiting bird. As the bird flew away, Bernie said that the bird was symbolic of a dove asking for world peace.

Thank-you YouTube Channel The Oregonian for this awesome video!


The small but proud sparrow is one of the most common birds. However, it is often overlooked, its power taken for granted. Although it is small, the sparrow animal totem is both powerful and productive. It’s persistence and integrity shows us that we do not have to be big to make a difference. We also do not need to have the biggest and best things in order for our voices to be heard.


Happy Flyday ~^v^~


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