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The Capybara Spa

Japan has taken the concept of the Cat Cafe one step further. They have invented the Capybara Spa. Now you can go for a soak, while watching capybaras soak right along with you… through plate glass, that is.


Nasu Animal Kingdom in Tochigi Prefecture, about a two and a half hour drive from Tokyo, will be opening its “Kingdom Hot Spring — The Capybara Bath (Ōkoku Onsen Capybara no Yu)” on April 23, to give visitors to the park a chance to take a bath while watching capybaras do the same.


It plans to have three to four capybaras each just outside the men’s and women’s baths for guests to observe, and we have a strong feeling that these furry fellas will thoroughly captivate and entertain visitors.


Nasu Animal Kingdom boasts that the bath is the only one of its kind in the country [maybe the world? Can’t imagine there would be many hot springs where  you can see capybara bathing], which should make it all the more attractive to capybara fans.

So, what do you say to a unique bathing experience at an animal park? The hot water and the sight of the capybaras are sure to help you relax and soothe any tense muscles!


Happy Bun(rodent)day! (|^_^|)


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