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The Gorilla Born by Cesarean

Meet seven-week-old Afia, the first gorilla born by cesarean section in the U.K. She was taken by one of her surrogate zoo keeper mothers into the Bristol Zoo gorilla enclosure for the first time in this video, shot last Wednesday.


It was a tiring moment for the tiny creature, who fell asleep in her keeper’s arms. Her mother is still recovering from the operation, so four keepers are now taking responsibility for providing 24-7 care for baby Afia, who was carried around the enclosure like a human baby.

Thank-you YouTube Channel euronews Discover for this heartwarming video.


The western lowland gorilla was born early in an emergency cesarean operation last month, which is both very rare and risky in animals, but her mother showed signs of the potentially dangerous condition pre-eclampsia.


There have only been a few gorilla cesarean in the world – most recently at San Diego Safari Park in 2014. Afia was delivered by gynaecologist Professor David Cahill, who has delivered hundreds of human babies by C-section, but never a gorilla.

“Along with having my own children, this is probably one of the biggest achievements of my life and something I will certainly never forget,” he said.


Happy Monk(Ape)day :_)


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