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Hardcore Dancer Birds

Going to a dance club this weekend? Let these birds show you how to dance to the many styles of music you will hear!


Many thanks to YouTube Channel Danielle Louise, who was in the same boat I was in! Thank-you for uploading this awesome video to YouTube.

From her video page: “*Not created by me. Couldn’t find it on Youtube after seeing it on MixMag’s Facebook page, so uploaded it myself*”


1. [Deep House] The Avener – Fade Out Lines
2. [Latin House] Phunkjump – Onda Buena (Felipe C. Remix)
3. [Dubstep] Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
4. [Drum & Bass] Levela & Dub Zero – Messy
5. [Trance] Alex Torn – Nocturna
6. [Industrial] The Prodigy – Firestarter
7. [Trap] Riot – Enigma
8. [Big Room House] Swedish House Mafia – Save The World
9. [Minimal Techno] FiveAm – Showtime (Original Mix)


Happy Flyday ~^v^~


Spring Arriving on the Wings of Ducklings

How can I tell that Spring is coming? Baby Duckies! Ducklings are hatching and learning how to swim, forage, and follow their mothers around in those adorable little queues. I know they say that the Robin is the Herald of Spring, but I submit that ducklings are the far cuter option.

These ducklings were born only four days ago!
Thank-you YouTube Channel Budgieman117 for this fantastic footage.


Happy Flyday ~^v^~


A Penguin Named Bowie

In honor of rock legend David Bowie’s 69th birthday and just two days before his death, the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio named its newly hatched penguin “Bowie.”

Bowie the Penguin was the first birth of 2016 at the zoo. They solicited names on Facebook with “Bowie” and “Elvis” the most popular suggestions since the day was lso Elvis Presley’s birthday. The penguin keepers chose the name Bowie because the zoo already had a king penguin named Elvis.

Bowie is one of the zoo’s 33 members of a species known as little, blue, or fairy penguins, which are the world’s smallest penguin species and live in Australia and New Zealand. The Cincinnati Zoo’s colony of little penguins is the largest in the United States.

Little penguins prefer milder temperatures so visitors are not likely to see Bowie and the rest of the colony until spring… but the Groundhog said Spring was coming soon so…


Happy Flyday ~^v^~


Curious Baby Owls

I’m seeing a popular baby owl Vine video all over Facebook this week, so I decided to post the whole 4-minute unedited video. Thanks to Sebastien Barrio for the fantastic footage!


Watch as a family of three adorable owls curiously investigate a GoPro camera left running outside of their tree hole home. One of the baby owls even decides to peck the lens!



Happy Flyday ~^v^~

Owl Wins Halloween

Meet Oakley, the juvenile Great Horned Owl: the grooviest owl ever.  He was rescued by the Eagle Valley Raptor Center in Kansas after a tornado hit. Whenever they get babies, they put them together for comfort and security, but Oakley was by himself, so he got a puppet in with him. They wanted to see what he would do when he heard a strange voice, so they played the puppet, and here are the results! Obviously Oakley the Owl has won Halloween.



The Eagle Valley Raptor Center is a nonprofit organization, that takes in on average 175 birds a year that have bee injured or orphaned.  They find forever home for ones that cannot go back to the wild, but are comfortable living in captivity and become educational ambassadors.


Happy Halloween!