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Baby Bunnies in Bowls

Here we are, on a Sunday afternoon. I’m ready for a nap. With bunnies. Baby bunnies. Baby bunnies in bowls. I recommend watching this until the end, for despite all odds, they just keep getting cuter.

Thank-you YouTube Channel My BB Bunny for this squeetastic video.


Happy Bunday (|^_^|)


Bunny Alarm System

I always thought of rabbits as basically silent creatures, but apparently baby bunnies have alarm systems installed in them for particularly alarming situations.  Don’t worry, the baby bunny was picked and put down gently, so no harm came to him.  The sweet squeaks start at 1:07.



Happy Bunday (|^_^|)

Rabbit & Guinea Pig

At first glance, this is a sweet video about a rabbit and a guinea pig sharing a meal together, but I swear, the moment they stop eating, it’s like a tense Hollywood movie stare-down between two suspicious characters.


Happy Bunday (|^_^|)