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Ready for the Oscars

It’s Oscar Night!














There are many exciting movies up for recognition tonight at this years Academy Awards celebration.  One movie, however, has a doggie actor that is getting a lot of attention, and that is Uggie the Jack Russell Terrier, playing alongside the lead actor in The Artist…. maybe Uggie can get the Academy to recognize these hardworking animal actors and give them their own category!












Bulldog Adopts Boar Babies

In Berlin, Germany, a French bulldog named Baby has adopted a litter of boar piglets.


The piglets’ own mother likely died in the forest as the litter of three males and three females was found abandoned.

At the time they were found they weighed in at two pounds each, but are now being bottle-fed at the Lehnitz Animal Sanctuary and are growing well.



The Westminster Dog Show

At Madison Square Gardens in New York City, 2500 dogs entered the ring to hopefully be named Best in Show at the 136th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.



This year’s big prize went to Malachy, a 4-year-old Pekingese.  This breed hasn’t won Best in Show since 1990.



A Bulldog and his Box

One adorable bulldog + one small cardboard box = super cute video ^_^



Cats are famous for using cardboard boxes for beds, but in this video, a bulldog tries his luck with one.  The only difference I can see, is that when a cat uses a box bed, it generally still looks like a box when the cat is done with it. :-D