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This Dog Knows What’s Up

Dogs are smart. They can learn words for all their favorite things, like “walk”, and also for their not-so-favorite things, like “bath”. It’s probably a good thing that they’re not quite smart enough to figure out when we’re messing with them. :-P

Thank-you YouTube Channel America’s Funniest Home Videos for this hilarious video!


Pete the Hilarious Flatulent Wombat

In a preview for Natural World (TV series) 2016: Episode 5 on BBC Two, we meet a keeper, who feeds a Hairy nosed wombat named Pete his favorite snack, sweetcorn, but not before Pete lets off a little steam first…


Thank-you YouTube Channel BBC for this laugh riot of a video!


Hamster Coachella

Feeling the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) because you’re not at Coachella (a huge music festival in Indio, California) this weekend? Don’t worry, these hamsters will show you the basics of what happens there, in their adorably comical way.



Thank-you YouTube Channel Super Deluxe for this hilarious video parody.


Happy Bunday (|^_^|)


Even a Monkey Can’t Eat Just One

A couple on their honeymoon in Thailand wanted to make friends with a monkey; little did they know that even monkeys can’t resist the lure of the potato chip…


DISCLAIMER: In Otter News does not condone giving wild animals man-made food. Wild animals should only be eating food found out in the wild. That being said, this video is hilarious.

Thank-you YouTube Channel Funny Fails Funny Epic Fails Funny Videos Funny for this, well, funny video.


Happy Monkday :_)–FpToDwjTPl88jArlQ


Hardcore Dancer Birds

Going to a dance club this weekend? Let these birds show you how to dance to the many styles of music you will hear!


Many thanks to YouTube Channel Danielle Louise, who was in the same boat I was in! Thank-you for uploading this awesome video to YouTube.

From her video page: “*Not created by me. Couldn’t find it on Youtube after seeing it on MixMag’s Facebook page, so uploaded it myself*”


1. [Deep House] The Avener – Fade Out Lines
2. [Latin House] Phunkjump – Onda Buena (Felipe C. Remix)
3. [Dubstep] Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
4. [Drum & Bass] Levela & Dub Zero – Messy
5. [Trance] Alex Torn – Nocturna
6. [Industrial] The Prodigy – Firestarter
7. [Trap] Riot – Enigma
8. [Big Room House] Swedish House Mafia – Save The World
9. [Minimal Techno] FiveAm – Showtime (Original Mix)


Happy Flyday ~^v^~