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A Baby Bactrian for England

Do you know how I know it’s Spring? Because every other day, I’m seeing news about baby animal births taking place in zoos and aquariums across the world!

Today’s news comes from Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable, England, where they are celebrating the birth of a baby Bactrian camel. They’ve already named her Pepper. She was born to mum Gypsy on March 22 but has only now been seen by the public.

Bactrian camels are usually found in parts of Asia, including China and Mongolia. They are classed as critically endangered by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, and baby Pepper is part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme (EEP).

The international conservation and science charity Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is also working to save wild Bactrian camels from extinction through conservation projects in Mongolia, in partnership with the National University of Mongolia.

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Hero Dog Earns Medal After Losing Leg in Afghanistan

A military German shepherd, who lost a leg while sniffing out a roadside bomb, has been awarded the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross after serving in more than 400 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Lucca,  now 12-years-old, served in the US marine corps for six years, protecting the lives of troops by sniffing out munitions.

Her efforts were awarded with the PDSA Dickin medal, the highest award for animals serving in military conflict. Lucca is the 67th animal to be honored in this way and the first US marine corps dog to receive the medal.

There were no human casualties during any of her patrols, but in 2012 she lost a leg and suffered chest burns after discovering a homemade bomb in Afghanistan and retired.


Lucca’s owner, Gunnery Sgt Chris Willingham, travelled to London with his pet to accept the medal. He said,

“Lucca is very intelligent, loyal and had an amazing drive for work as a search dog. She is the only reason I made it home to my family and I am fortunate to have served with her. Today, I do my best to keep her spoiled in her well-deserved retirement.”


Jan McLoughlin, the director general of the PDSA, said: “Lucca’s conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty makes her a hugely deserving recipient of the PDSA Dickin medal. Her ability and determination to seek out arms and explosives preserved human life amid some of the world’s fiercest military conflicts.”


Since the introduction of the medal in 1943, it has been awarded to 31 dogs, 32 second world war messenger pigeons, three horses and one cat.


Thank-you for your service, Lucca.


The Gorilla Born by Cesarean

Meet seven-week-old Afia, the first gorilla born by cesarean section in the U.K. She was taken by one of her surrogate zoo keeper mothers into the Bristol Zoo gorilla enclosure for the first time in this video, shot last Wednesday.


It was a tiring moment for the tiny creature, who fell asleep in her keeper’s arms. Her mother is still recovering from the operation, so four keepers are now taking responsibility for providing 24-7 care for baby Afia, who was carried around the enclosure like a human baby.

Thank-you YouTube Channel euronews Discover for this heartwarming video.


The western lowland gorilla was born early in an emergency cesarean operation last month, which is both very rare and risky in animals, but her mother showed signs of the potentially dangerous condition pre-eclampsia.


There have only been a few gorilla cesarean in the world – most recently at San Diego Safari Park in 2014. Afia was delivered by gynaecologist Professor David Cahill, who has delivered hundreds of human babies by C-section, but never a gorilla.

“Along with having my own children, this is probably one of the biggest achievements of my life and something I will certainly never forget,” he said.


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Beavers Born to Britain

Beavers being born in Britain may not sound like news, but beavers haven’t been found in England- let alone this bank on the Otter River in East Devon, in hundreds of years, and no one knows exactly where these blokes have come from.


Wildlife experts there are taking extra precautions that the beavers are healthy, with the beavers’ welfare in mind.  The return of the beaver to England would be a welcome boom to their riparian (river)  ecosystems.



Also, the accents in this are wonderful, especially the farmer!


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World Snail Racing Championships 2014

Every year the sleepy English village of Congham in Norfolk plays host to the World Snail Racing Championships. The gastropod gala has been running for the last 25 years and sees competitors from all over the world coming to take part. There were 150 entrants in the competition this year, and the races themselves saw the snails placed on a white tablecloth where they had to travel from a central red ring to a larger one on the outside in the fastest possible time.




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The Otter Who Outsmarted the Fox

A camera trap in Nunnington Hall in North Yorkshire county in England, captured interesting video on a riverbank. A fox and an otter attempt to fish the same area… apparently it was not big enough for the both of them, as the otter splashes water at the fox, who then runs away. Clever girl…



Happy Ottersday :#)