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The Otter and his Rock

I think it’s safe to say, we have spotted a trend (an incredibly cute one, at that): the “otter playing with a rock” video.  This one is from Chester Zoo in England.  At first the videographer thought it was because they were simulating cracking oysters or something, but it turns out they just like playing with rocks!


Happy Ottersday :#)



Playing Otter

This video was just published on YouTube yesterday from the Chester Zoo in England.  Otters love to play, especially with rocks; and this one is no exception.  He’s so cute!


Happy Ottersday ^_^

Colobus Monkeys Go Ape for Christmas

Primate keepers at the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park near the town of Hythe in Kent, England, got into the festive spirit when they decided to treat the black and white colobus monkeys to early Christmas presents stuffed with seasonal treats.  They’re cute, comical, and heartwarming.


Happy Monkday and Merry Christmas Eve :-)

Giant Otter Pups Go Swimming at Chester Zoo


Two baby Brazillian giant river otters, the first to ever be born at Chester Zoo in Chester, England, are growing up and are taking their first swimming lessons from mum, Icana, and dad, Xingu, as the duo makes their first public appearance, after being born in mid-September.








Having been looked after in their dens by the parents for the last seven weeks, each of the youngsters is now being individually taught how to swim now that mum and dad are confident that they are ready.

Happy Ottersday ^_^


New Giant Otters for Chester Zoo

There’s a brand new exhibit for Brazilian Giant Otters at the Chester Zoo, in Chester, England, just southwest of Manchester, England, and man, are they ever majestic.

The new underwater viewing station offers a rare glimpse at these lobos del rio (their native name) swimming in the newly designed river-like setting… the new exhibit had to be huge- these guys can grow to be five-and-a-half feet long!