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Groundhog Predicts Early Spring

Happy Groundhog Day!

Punxsutawney Phil emerged this morning from his tree trunk home at Gobbler’s Knob, in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, and did not see his shadow, predicting an early Spring. Yay! I hope Phil’s prognostication comes true this year.

Today is the 130th Groundhog Day, celebrated annually on February 2nd. The event typically brings out 30,000 revelers to the small, west-central Pennsylvania town. It has become a television staple at the beginning of one of the coldest months of the year. In addition to the celebrated rodent, the pageant features an entourage of city elders in old-fashioned dress and top hats, presiding over the festivities.

Why groundhogs? Because they hibernate.

“February 2nd is historically touted to be the day that the groundhog comes out of his hole after a long winter sleep to look for his shadow. If he sees it, he regards it as an omen of six more weeks of bad weather and returns to his hole. If the day is cloudy and, hence, shadowless, he takes it as a sign of spring and stays above ground.” -Adapted from “Groundhog Day: 1886 to 1992″ by Bill Anderson


Owl Wins Halloween

Meet Oakley, the juvenile Great Horned Owl: the grooviest owl ever.  He was rescued by the Eagle Valley Raptor Center in Kansas after a tornado hit. Whenever they get babies, they put them together for comfort and security, but Oakley was by himself, so he got a puppet in with him. They wanted to see what he would do when he heard a strange voice, so they played the puppet, and here are the results! Obviously Oakley the Owl has won Halloween.



The Eagle Valley Raptor Center is a nonprofit organization, that takes in on average 175 birds a year that have bee injured or orphaned.  They find forever home for ones that cannot go back to the wild, but are comfortable living in captivity and become educational ambassadors.


Happy Halloween!

Valentines Day with Hamsters

Valentine’s Day is here, a day to celebrate love with flowers, kisses, and cute things. This year, the Interweb’s favorite tiny hamsters are back with a tiny Valentines Day date that is as squeetastic as it is comical, considering the very unceremonious manner in which hamsters eat.


First they take a tiny gondola ride around a tiny canal in a tiny town, then take their tiny seats at a tiny table where they are served tiny courses. There are flowers (of course, they eat them) and a pasta with red quinoa meatball entree that puts that “Lady and the Tramp” scene to shame. Enjoy!

Giving Thanks… for the Cat Aquarium

It’s been six weeks since my last blog post.  Lately I find that reading and writing about animals makes me sad and lonely for my own cats, who are staying with my parents until I have a home again, and am no longer traveling for work. So, I haven’t been inspired to write anything, until today.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for having wonderful parents, who can and will take care of my kitties while I’m away.  Thank-you, so much.


Not all animals are so lucky.  Some kitties have no home at all, and live out in the wilds.  Come wintertime, the stresses of life can be tough for little feral furries.

Enter: The Cat-Aquarium Man.

This concerned man has built what he is calling a “Cat Aquarium” for Thanksgiving this year.  He wanted strays to have a place to go during the weather, so he built a cat aquarium, mounted against his window so the inside of it was visible from inside the house.  It’s like having his own kitty tv channel! … which his kids love, of course.

While this many cats is probably too much for one person to rescue, providing a safe place for them to stay is a great idea. Let’s just hope that window stays closed… ’cause they’ll scatter… into a chaotic kitty frenzy!

Way to go, Cat Aquarium Man. May you inspire others to build kitty looking boxes into their home windows.  Kitty tv channels for everyone!