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Whatta Good Zebu!

Goats have a penchant for seeking out the highest point they can climb. In this case, that point was an unwitting Zebu (humped Brahmin cattle), named Blue, who frankly seemed to like the attention from his adorable and infantile companions.

Thank-you, YouTube Channel Rita Yeatts for this adorable video.


Happy Humpday (^_^)


Sea Shepherd Crew Saves Humpback Whale

Just over this past weekend, the Sea Shepherd crew rescued a humpback whale entangled in an illegal gillnet in the Gulf of California.


Sea Shepherd currently has two vessels in Mexico’s Gulf of California on Operation Milagro: their goal being to save the vaquita porpoises, the most endangered marine mammal. The vaquita are caught as a result of fishing, even though it’s an endangered species and protected by law.


Thank-you Sea Shepherd crew for putting your own lives at risk to save the sea mammals swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.


Disclaimer: Please be aware that the beginning of the following video shows some of the naked truth of the illegal fishing industry. The humpback whale rescue begins at 0:42, and I promise, has a wonderfully heartwarming ending.


Happy Humpday (^_^)


Abandoned Baby White Rhino Gets New Dad & New Name

A South African ranger, named Divan Grobler, became a surrogate dad to a baby white rhino bull after he was abandoned by his mum as a new-born as New Years Eve. Now 1.5 months old, the rhino lives with the team at Aquila Rescue Centre in Western Cape, South Africa. They have developed an 18-month plan to reintroduce him into the wild.

As of 45 minutes ago, this baby rhino has officially been named by the public! A sms competition was held where members of the public were able to suggest names. A short list of six names were selected and the public was asked to vote for their favorite. The favorite name, “Osita”, is of Nigerian (Igbo) origin and means “from today onwards it will be better”. And it certainly is for this little fellow.

Looking after the young calf is a full-time occupation, with the baby needing to be fed every two hours. He now weighs over 220lbs and drinks over 20 liters of Equine milk formula every day at 3 hourly feeds.  He is strong, boisterous, mischievous and inquisitive and in the words of his caretaker, “he walks to the beat of his own drum”.
The rhino goes on two hour walks in the afternoon and shorter walks during the mornings. Guests visiting Aquila are taken by Osita’s home, and if not sleeping, can be seen enjoying a mud bath, feeding, or pushing his “dad” around. Thanks to Barcroft TV for this wonderful video.


Happy Humpday (^_^)


Meet ZooBacca the Baby Camel

The Idaho Falls Zoo had a surprise birth over the holidays: an adorable female Bactrian camel, born on Nov. 16. She’s now about two-and-a-half months old, and is growing splendidly well. In honor of Star Wars, the zoo staff have named her ZooBacca. Adorbs, love it.

The zoo staff were unaware their camel was even pregnant when the baby suddenly started to come. On the day of her birth, a zookeeper noticed the adult female behaving a bit differently.

“I told the keeper that she was displaying calving behavior, but since she and the bull were so young that seemed unlikely. Needless to say, we were all pleasantly surprised a short time later,” interim Zoo Superintendent Linda Beard said.

A veterinarian was notified that same day, and a short while later Beard along with the animal doctor delivered the baby camel.


In the wild, camels are able to reproduce by the age of five, and a Bactrian camel is pregnant for 13 months. Mom, who is named Zazu, came to the Idaho Falls Zoo as a bottle-raised newborn in 2011 and was just 4 ½ at the time of the birth of the calf. Dad, who is called Gobi, is not quite 4 years old right now and came to the zoo at 2 ½ years of age, almost exactly 13 months prior to the birth of the new calf.

“Some may ask how that is possible at such an early age. In captivity, camels can reach sexual maturity earlier as they have access to a plentiful food supply and receive excellent animal care,” explains Beard.


The exhibit will officially open April 9., and zoo staff is also planning to do something for baby ZooBacca on May 4., Star Wars day.


Happy Humpday (^_^)

Humpback New Yorkers

Humpback whales are taking Manhattan!  There have been twice as many sightings of humpbacks off of Rockaway Beach in Queens than there were two years ago.  That’s amazing!  Also amazing: these shots that New York photographers are capturing of whales against the New York skyline are absolutely jaw-dropping.



Scientists attribute the return of the whales to cleaner water, and increased populations of Menhaden- a popular prey fish.  I find it interesting that fish named the “menhaden” lives around the island of “Manhattan”.  Could there be a connection?


Happy Humpday (^_^)